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In DevOps work environment Developers and Testers play important roles and their responsibilties are equally important. But, their limitations become blurred in DevOps methodology. QA's try to make sure that the software or product is up and running everytime and for that collaboration between developement and operations is much needed aspect and QA's ties them together. In DevOps culture eveyone in the process takes responsibilities for quality and stability and this is the reason it's beneficial for Organizations in terms of business.

In this process Developers thinks like QA and checks own code like a tester to find possible errors. Conversely, tester whose job is to test, find and fix the bugs with the help of different types of tools. In such conditions if you do not have a strong or defined QA strategy than it affects in speed of delivery.

  • QA in a DevOps scenario
  • QA's should be focus their efforts on automation, and testing strategies.
  • QA should move towards focussing on accomplishing satisfying user experience within the given time frame.
  • Goals of individual and teams need to be optimized.
  • QA's should proactively involve in the requirements process to help and guide development teams towards proper direction.
  • QA's should focus more on automated regression testing on critical areas such as key software functionality.
  • Continuous integration is the key to identifying defects early in the development lifecycle.
  • A fully automated continuous testing process needs to be integrated into the SDLC for a successful continuous delivery process that minimizes risks, reduces costs, and accelerates time to market by frequent releases

We are introducing especially desgined course for Qulaity Analyst's which will help you to learn and enhance skills of QA's according to the need of DevOps work environment. After successful completion of this course you can grow your carrer as Certified DevOps Quality Analyst.